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Ideal for small venues – Works independently of gaming loyalty systems.


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Works independently of gaming loyalty systems

Make Customer Experience a Competitive Advantage in Your Business!

Increase customer retention by 5% = 25% increase in profits*

20 years serving the hospitality industry has taught BTG that each venue and customer base is different. You have spent years investing in the right offering, atmosphere and service level. BTG consultants have all come from gaming floors and know the focus venues need to entice new customers and growing loyalty within your current customers. Connect Gaming was designed by gaming managers for gaming managers to supercharge the customer experience.

Key Features

– Eliminate delays in service
– Benchmark track and improve your service level
– Connect your customers with what they want at the touch of a button

Solves the following

Helps obtain new customers

Uses technology and customer search to retain current customers

Improves effectiveness of staff

Call in management when needed

Reduce costs and grows bottom line

Produces actionable insights from reports to grow business

Connect Gaming Key Touch Points

How it works

Connect Gaming integrates with internal service panels and existing loyalty programs or BTG can offer external “Call For Service” buttons that will notify the right person for the task.

BTG products are super durable, convenient and easy to use for customers and staff alike.

Prioritise VIP Customers

All customers are important to you. But with 80% of your profit coming from a select 20% of your customers it is critical that some customer are prioritized in busy periods.

Link Tiered Loyalty Data to Your Service

Sound like the solution for your venue?

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Actionable Insights to Grow Your Business

Excellence in customer service and experience is a powerful asset to retain customers. But like any asset it costs money to obtain and maintain. Bain & Company in 2017 found that increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits by 25%. 33% of Customers would consider switching venues due to poor service. Customers tell on average 15 people about poor service compared with 11 for good service.


​Over 60 reporting options to choose from including live reporting from each of your venues all in the one interface.

Drill down to each venues performance  or understand how the whole groups is going – live. ​

Connect product lines

* 2017 Bain & company Hospitality Industry Report