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iPhone (IOS) & Android Smartphones


Manage your floor with our newly developed app for the iPhone (IOS) and Android Smartphones.
Our connect app allows Managers and Supervisors to efficiently manage the floor
to ensure a smooth experience for your customers.
Our new feature of the App will allow staff to proactively take Food and Beverage orders whilst interacting with customers on the floor.

RG Smart Devices (all in once device)

Rugged design smartphone and two-way radio all in one.
Seamless connectivity over Wi-Fi or 4G compatible with a long-life battery which delivers 420 hours of standby or 12 hours continual talk time.
The smartphone is also rated splash proof.


Key Features

– Manage Floor with this all in one device

– Push to talk function

– Use as a Radio and make phone calls to internal/ external

– Ability to lock certain functions within the phone i.e web browsing, external phone calls etc

RF Colour Watch

Sleek and durable in design the BTG colour watch is the perfect solution for staff to wear to receive alerts on the floor ie service/ drink calls and more.


Wi-Fi Watch

Have the ability to manage the floor with the Wi-Fi watch.
Accept and Reject calls.
Push to talk function built into this device.

Slimline Pager

Sleek, slim and durable in design.

A lightweight device that easily clips onto belt buckles or fit pockets for staff to manage the floor.


BTG Alpha 868 Pager

8/4 line alphanumeric pager

Frequency Programmable

20 000 Character Memory

Urgent Call Alert Mode


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