Ultra Trac RFID

Ultra-Trac (RFID)

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Ultra Trac (RFID) uses “Tap & Dine” technology to alert your staff where your customers are seated within your venue. The Device is also a Guest Pager as an “All in One” solution which allows you to page a customer and is ideal to page for takeaway or To Go orders. Easy to install, straight out of the box!


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Wireless Customer Locator

The Ultra Trac (RFID) from BTG is a wireless customer locator, which allows customers to be found easily by food runners, ensuring order are delivered on time to exactly the right table.




Increase Productivity



Increase Efficiency

If you’re delivering food to your customers in a busy venue, don’t rely on numbers on sticks, give them an Ultra Trac Pager with the unique Tap & Find feature. Check the table plan and your staff will find them in no time. Hot food, delivered promptly.

How It Works


Give the Ultra Trac RFID pager to customers when ordering.


Customers tap the pager on the table number and the pager sends back the table location to the host.


Tags can even be located under the table. Waiter delivers the food to the guest’s location.


Show All Mode

If the customer goes to an area without table tags, then you simply touch the and page them to return to collect their food.

Automatic Mode

The orders on the screen have a timer display so that you know how long customers have been waiting. The order will even change colour to amber and red, depending on the wait time.

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Advance Features

Sub-1G wireless communication technology
Real-time monitor location information and waiting time
Supports guest call function – the TO GO feature allows you to page the customer to collect their meal
Supports multi-platform – Windows, Android Tablet & iPad
Simple intuitive user interface
Colour coded to highlight wait times