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Responsible Gaming Alerts now available


Premium Gaming Paging Solution for Large Clubs & Casinos


Connect is an innovative, user-friendly messaging system which utilises the latest devices and technologies to provide a seamless experience for your team and your customers, while optimising your business and providing revenue growth.


The Connect Live View screen shows your active calls already assigned to team members and queued calls that are assigned to the next available team member in a priority order that you can configure. You can also see which team members are logged on, the devices they are logged on to and what type of calls they are assigned to receive, from Service, Drinks, VIP Arrival, Responsible Gaming Welfare Checks, Anti Money Laundering, Faults and more.


This screen shows you at a glance what is happening live on your gaming floor. You can see important measures like how long your customers have been waiting, how long it is taking your attendants to get to the customers once they receive the call and you can even see how your attendant’s response times are comparing against each other on shift. On top of that you can see what areas and call types are the busiest and you can take action to improve your service levels in real time.


Connect has over 60 reports that you can run at any time or you can select the key reports that you would like to see and have them automatically emailed to you at the time and date convenient to you. Our reports will assist you to manage your team’s performance, increase your levels of service and streamline your labour costs by giving you clear insights into your business.

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Smart-Phones & Attendant Devices

Connect has a variety of options when it comes to devices. It is compatible with pagers and watches, Apple and Android smart devices and we are also able to offer you the industry preferred Slimline pager and the new smart device / two way radio all in one, both exclusive to BTG.

Responsible Gaming & Anti Money Laundering Alerts Now Available.

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