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What is the Connect Mobile App?

Our Connect Mobile App gives you the ability to run the floor on the go and not be tied to a desk. Everything that you can do in Connect from the office PC and more can be done on your smart device.

Viewing Active and Queued Calls

You can quickly see how many calls have been assigned to Attendants and how many are in the queue via our Floor Status. If there are too many in the queue you can take action and improve your customer wait times on the spot. Call assigned to Attendants are in white and queued  calls are in blue.

Responsible Gaming Welfare Check Feature with Notes

Notifications will be sent when a customer has been playing for a set amount of time as determined by your business. You will be able to conduct a welfare chat with the customer and record the discussion on the App. Records of conversations and full RG reports are exportable from Connect.

Escalation Alerts

Not only can you receive notifications when individual customers have been waiting longer than they should but you can be alerted when certain events hit a set threshold. For example, you will know when the average customer wait time or even average individual Attendants response times are too high.

Food & Beverage Orders

The Connect App gives you the ability to place mobile food and beverage orders. Orders will be sent to a tablet at the bar or kitchen and when the order is ready it is bumped to a runner who will receive a message to pick up and deliver the order.


The App gives you the ability to send and receive text and voice recorded messages to individuals or to groups.

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