MMCall Service Alert

Our push-to-call buttons for Pokie Service have been designed to eliminate any uncomfortable situations for your customers when they try to get the attention of a waiter. This discreet button can be installed on or placed on the table, enabling customers to easily request assistance without needing to raise their voice or hand.

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Locate Your Staff

Get a hold of a staff member with a push-a-button. Instantly notify the right person at the right time.

Stay Informed

Keep staff members up to date. Let them know what is needed now and what is ahead.

Messages alert directly to Pager Watch

Call For Assistance

When a staff member needs assistance, they can press a call button and notify the appropriate person that they are needed. Each call button can be setup to send any message to one person or entire groups of people.

Instantly Notify Staff

When a call button is pressed, a message will appear on the pager. The message will indicate where in the office they are needed, so that they can respond quickly.