QR Connect For Pokies


Simply use your smartphone to scan the QR code. Then, select the option you need and a staff member will receive an alert or accessing any other services in your venue.

Use your smart device to scan the QR code located
above for demonstration purposes.

Why choose QR Connect for Pokies?

  • It has an easy-to-use web-based dashboard.
  • Buttons can be turned on or off as needed.
  • The setup can be cloned for similar buttons and changed at any time.
  • Operations can be optimised using metrics and analytics.
  • Filtering by date range is possible.
  • The effectiveness of each button and QR code can be tracked.
  • It has a tiered drill-down feature.

Providing an exceptional customer experience throughout all aspects of your business.

The number of virtual push buttons is unlimited. Your customers can use these buttons to open the menu, call for a server, or request a payout. The buttons can be programmed for specific services, such as calling a drinks attendant, displaying a bistro menu, or finding out about specials of the day, etc.


Once we have received your order, we will provide you with the physical hardware and send you a Welcome Email. This email will contain the necessary login details for accessing the Dashboard. Depending on your preferences, we are able to create and print custom-designed QR Codes on various surfaces. With these QR Codes in place, your guests and clients will only require a smartphone capable of scanning QR Codes in order to access all the available services.


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