Connect Pro – The market leading Gamming Communications solution avialable. Used by most Casinos and over 85% of the top 100 Clubs, Connect Pro is the best of breed for larger venues with all integrations and multi venue capability.

Connect Lite – A scaled down version of Connect PRO which limits its functionality to meet the competitor market and for when additional functionality is not required.

PowerPage – A non PC based simple plug & play push to call product that alerts staff RF Pagers in 1.5 seconds with a basic escalation feature if calls are not answered in time.

Connect attendant DEVICES – These are devices used by staff with simple pagers, Wearable RF Watches, WiFi based and smartphones such as Apple & Android and the latest is the Smart Android Radio that provide the ultimate communication tools

Phone charging solutions – To enable customers to charge their phones on site rather than leaving. Usually a free service to your customers by BTG .

Incentify – Is a professional Scenting product range & Service model for all areas of the venue to ensure a great ambience. Ideal for Bars, Dinning & Restrooms, Garbage areas and many other areas

Customer Survey & Rating solutions – To capture customers experiences prior to going out to social media and the option to have a staff member resolve the problem before leaving the venue. Ideal for QR tables, Touch kiosk on entry / exit and order points.

Two Way Radios – With 25 year experience in 2 way communication BTG has collected the best range of products and accessories for a variety industries