Meiko Glass and Dishwasher Managed Services

No lock-in contracts and exclusive benefits—discover a comprehensive cleaning solution.

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Your Total Solution for Your Hospitality Cleaning Needs!

​Our services include everything you need for fast, efficient cleaning. With machines, chemicals, and maintenance all handled for you, experience a seamless, hassle-free cleaning operation.

The Benefits of Choosing Meiko Managed Services.

  • Uninterrupted Service: Our fast service installation and maintenance ensures no downtime
  • Chemical Management: No need to manage inventory, we auto-order all necessary chemicals
  • Labour Cost Savings: Reduce the expenses associated with manual dishwashing
  • Superior Cleaning Quality: High-quality results every time, from delicate glassware to sturdy cutlery
  • Optimised Space: Reclaim valuable space in your kitchen or dishwashing area with smart installation

Features that Set Meiko Apart

With our managed glass and dishwasher service, you get:


  • Automated Chemical Monitoring: Never run out, never over-order
  • Comprehensive Training: Extensive training program for your team
  • Rapid Maintenance Responses: Quick callout response times for any issues
  • Expert Layout Consulting: Optimise your dishwashing area’s design
  • Versatile Cleaning Options: Tailored solutions for different dishware

Our Top-Range Meiko Machines

UPster® U 400

Get glassware and washware sparkling clean in next to no time! 

Entry height H 300 mm Dimensions H 700–730 mm, W 460 mm, D 600 mm Basket dimensions 400 x 400 mm Capacity up to 30 baskets/h. Easy to use with an intuitive control panel and digital display. Plus double-walled thermal insulation to keep the heat in and minimise energy use.

UPster® U 500

A miracle of under-counter dishwashing – the UPster® U 500 can even handle larger ware – and it offers best-in-class wash results. It also features a self-cleaning mode that makes life easier, and the ‘soft start’ function is gentler on your dishware. You also get 3 different wash cycles, and impressively low resource consumption.

UPster® H 500

People in harmony with their environment.
Ultra-convenient ware washing in record time, the UPster® offers powerful cleaning in an easy-to-use package. No clouds of steam when you open the machine, plus convenient automatic start-up. A great choice for tall items, too, such as big plates, serving dishes and trays (entry height 440 mm).

Our Pricing Packages


Starting at $199/month

Undercounter Dishwashers

Starting at $279/month

Pass-Through Dishwashers

Starting at $389/month

All prices exclude GST and are available on managed contracts with a minimum 6-month term, cancellable anytime thereafter.

Exclusive No-Cost EFTPOS Offer

Combine your Meiko-managed service with our No-Cost EFTPOS deal for even greater value—ask us how this can be free through EFTPOS credits!

Make Cleaning Effortless with Our Meiko Solutions

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