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BTG7® offers real time stock control, automatically tracking stock from the moment it arrives until it is sold and reordered. Together with state of the art Point of Sale, the functionality is streets ahead of single product suppliers, offering a seamless, single entity solution that has the power to deliver success throughout your organisation.

Stock Control is Profit Control

BTG7’s streamlined and automated processes reduce workload and improve control. Automatic restocking lists double as mini stock takes. Auto Order speeds up your ordering processes and ensures all stock items are reordered. Orders can be converted to invoices, eliminating manual invoice entry. Stock quantities and cost prices are automatically updated from invoice entry. Stock items are deducted from Point Of Sale (POS) sales, including recipe item sales.

Open portion beverages present a real challenge to stock management. BTG Beverage Control Automatic Data Capture deducts open portion beverage stock by usage and compare usage to sales in real time. Automatic alerts can instantly highlight discrepancies in sales entries. BTG Beverage Control is the only product of its kind that actually measures, adjusts and transfers bulk beverage stock accurately and then automatically compares cash entries. Such progress in measurability means immediate increases in net profit and savings on your bottom line!

Stock transfers, shortages and wastage can be easily and quickly captured when and where they occur, using BTG7® POS.

Sonic Flowmeters

  • Highly accurate
  • Non invasive
  • Easier cleaning
  • Cannot leak
  • Longer operational life
  • Allows spongeball cleaning
  • Does not require check valves or bypass valves
  • Best solution for use with beverage pumps
  • Cannot be damaged by cleaning solutions or excessive flow rates
  • John Guest fittings for easy installation

BTG Beverage Control Wireless draught beer monitoring will keep a reliable eye on your profits.

Wireless spirit & wine pourers  will keep a reliable eye on your profits.

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