Digital Coupons & Wallet Passes Gateway & Clearing House Processing Digital Coupons & Wallet Passes as Transactional Tender No POS Integration Required

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Coupon marketing is a successful strategy proven to drive sales, build brand image and customer loyalty but technology costs, POS integrations and staff training have restricted this strategy to corporate retailers and prevented Brands from engaging with their consumers at disparate retailers.


Omniqpon removes the barriers of technology, POS integration and staff training to allow brands to bypass the retailers POS and transact directly with their consumers at the point of purchase while still providing retailers with a validated transaction tender document.

The Omniqpon redemption process is simple and trusted by both consumer and the merchant. Brands and marketers can issue coupons to their consumers by any means and have them securely processed in store (on premise) without impacting on a stores existing sales process.

Coupons issued to consumers by any medium are securely processed at the point of purchase without the need for POS integration or staff training.


Omniqpon uses a POS style receipt printer and a 2D scanner to communicate with Omniqpon cloud services, typically via the internet connection of the POS. The printer can be a separate device or the receipt printer used by the POS.


A QR coded coupon that has been delivered to a consumer by any means, email, SMS, wallet pass etc. is scanned by the consumer at the retail counter and Omniqpon processes and prints the coupon directly to the sales clerk. Printed responses are, Valid, Already Redeemed and Invalid.  The printed coupon is tendered with the POS transaction as per the venues normal process. The coupon can also include staff instructions to eliminate the need for staff training and a QR code to allow the retailer to obtain a digital copy of the coupon.


Transaction and payment data can be automatically sent to the cloud to provide a digital receipt and purchase response marketing to the consumer. This data provides valuable insights about the coupon redemption, the consumer and the sales transaction.


Coupons with monetary value can be securely transacted and additional coupons and offers can be added to the process by applied rules to promote upsells.

Omniqpon enables Direct to Consumer (D2C) transactions at disparate retailers anywhere. eD2C marketing cuts through the noise of conventional marketing to more effectively communicate with the consumer.