Tech to Increase your customers happiness and your profits​


1. Better manage wait times
2. Seamless seating process
3. Kitchen to Staff communications
4. Manager Communication 


1. Improve service time
2. Takeaway notification
3. Increase table turns

Fast Food

1. Reduce congestion at pickup
2. Right meal to the right person every time
3. Locate manager quickly and quietly 

Guest Paging

During busy periods for your restaurant. Hand out pagers to guests waiting for their table. Or supplement your paging system with Waitlist buzz or Text 

  • This improves the waiting experience 
  • Creates a desire to return the pager to the venue
  • Removes long queues that would scare off customers 

Food Preparation Paging

Bistro’s or fast casual restaurants that require customers to order and take a seat or wait nearby. Hand out pagers and customers can stroll nearby or take as seat knowing they will be called back when their food is ready.

  • Reduces labour costs while maintaining service levels
  • Improves the waiting experience 
  • Reduces the visible queue size and disperses waiting customers

Server Paging

Is used in restaurant that have servers or food runners. The staff use the pagers and are called to the kitchen when needed.

  • Improves effectiveness of staff
  • Improves meal quality and customer experience

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by linking Pagers, Radios, Push to call and Charging solutions

Waitlist: Buzz or Text

This allows for the recording of customers check in details, The management of a que and the ability to send messages via Text or call back a pager number. It also have detailed reports that benchmark and improve service levels

Table location

The pager notifies the kitchen of its location in the restaurant allowing for faster delivery of food and drinks.

  • Improved efficiency of staff
  • Improve customer experience
Ultra Trac RFID

Wireless Call button

This allows a direct connection between customers and staff. A Call button is placed in the table and should the table require service it notifies a staff member

Keep key staff and departments aware of what is happening with 2 way communication: Front of house, kitchen, serving staff, security and management. All work together to deliver the best customer experiences.   

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