Vocovo Headsets

The power of voice

Our robust, lightweight VoCoVo Headsets are the cornerstone of great team communication. Ergonomically designed with three detachable wearing styles, they bring companies together with the power to have secure, crystal-clear conversations across the widest of areas. All at the touch of a button.

Forget crackling walkie-talkies, poor voice quality, and frustrating lag in conversations. Our team voice conferences use full-duplex technology to make communication natural and intuitive. So your people can focus on the task, not the tool.


Headsets that allow for more than just talking

Wireless communication headsets with the latest conferencing technology

Light and comfortable

28g with padded earpieces and options to suit every head, our Headsets are designed for all-day (or all-night) wear.

100% real-time voice

Powered by full-duplex, every conversation is natural with zero dropouts – improving efficiency from training to stock checks.

Multiple voice conferences

Need secure, private communication channels for specific teams like management or security? It’s all possible.

48-hour battery life

Fully-charged in 3 hours, our Headsets last for up to 48 hours on a single charge. That’s over twice as long as any competitor.

No accidental conversations

Tactile Push-to-Talk and Mute buttons ensure you’re only heard when you want to be. No slip-ups, better uptake.

Easy to scale

Add unlimited Headsets as your business grows, or to meet demand during peak times. Just add Base Units and go!

Crystal Clear

No more crossed wires

Our robust multi-cell network uses full-duplex technology to deliver crystal-clear voice that flows in both directions. This means you can listen effortlessly at the same time, just as you would face-to-face.


Multiple wearing styles

Our robust VoCoVo Headset has been ergonomically designed with three detachable wearing style options. Padded earpieces and lightweight material make each style flexible and comfortable to wear—everything you’d expect from a headset with a 48-hour battery life.