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The Trackstaff V3 plus takes it one step further with custom messages displayed in an easy to read OLED screen to bring the most effective communication system between you and your staff or customers.

Stackable Racks of 20 pagers
Advertising Panel on pager
Bright LCD Pager Number
Vibe, Tone, Flash or all
Rechargeable/Replaceable batteries

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PC Integration

Integrate with any PC to send personalized messages to pagers directly from your computer.

User Programmable​

Easily Change the alert modes right from each pager. Never have to send it back for programming.

Message Alert​​

Excellent to communicate important information to guests and staff members anywhere in the facility.

Heavy-Duty Belt Clips​

Strong polycarbonate clip built with better gripping technology to ensure comfort and easy accessibility.

Waterproof IP67​

Prevents any damage to the pager by mild to moderate water exposure. ​

OLED Screen

High contrast OLED Display. Choose from 2 font sizes that allow you to customize the length of the messages.​


The Trackstaff V3 plus is the complete solution for your business needs. Whether you are looking for a better communication system between you and your staff or with guests the Trackstaff V3 plus has it all. Program your system with pre-set messages or an optional PC integration that facilities messages to be typed and sent directly to each pager. The high contract 1.5 inch OLDE screen allows messages to be easy to read in any environment.

It’s sleek design makes this pager our most comfortable and accessible device. Equipped with rubber bumpers and IP67 waterproof technology to make it last even in the toughest environments. You can choose from metal or polycarbonate clips that give a reliable grip for its user. The Trackstaff V3 plus is an easy plug and play system that is built to be user friendly with self replaceable batteries and programming settings that can be changed right from each pager.

Never worry about your pagers running out of battery, the Trackstaff V3 plus offers a low battery indicator that will display on each pager once it needs to be brought back to it’s charging base. All pagers come with a charging base that is wall mountable giving a space saving solution.



The Trackstaff V3 plus is a great tool to improve crowd control in your business. Simply hand out a pager to any customer waiting for service and give them the freedom to wait anywhere around your facility with the peace of mind that they won’t lose their turn. Once their turn is ready a custom message can be sent to their pager given them instructions on how to proceed.


Have your whole staff connected with just a push of a button. Allow for the Trackstaff V3 plus to improve the workflow in your business. Send any staff member a customized message whenever they are needed.