SC-16 Waiter Transmitter

The SC-16 Waiter Transmitter has been developed to provide seamless communications between kitchen and waiter staff.

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Page staff discreetly and effectively with the SC-16 Waiter Paging Transmitter


The SC-16 Waiter Paging Transmitter eliminates overhead paging systems, kitchen bells and the use of numbered light boards in dining and a la carte Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants.

Your staff now spend up to 75% more time on the Dining Floor up selling and attending to your diners requirements!!!! Waiters will return to the kitchen on demand basis only, after being alerted via the silent vibrating Waiter Pager.


  • 18 Single Press Push Button Transmitter (16 Wait Staff + 2 Manager)
  • 2 Watt transmitter power output
  • Range of paging up to 1000m
  • Usage: restaurant, café, takeout shop, hospital
  • Auto Recall Feature
  • All-Page Feature

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