BMTX 500 Transmitter

  • Model: BMTX-500
  • Product: Paging Transmitter (POCSAG)
  • Voltage: DC 12V 1.0A
  • Manufacturer: BTG
  • 0.5 Watt Power
  • Power Supply Included
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The BMTX-500 is a reliable multifunction transmitter. The transmitter is built to serve many needs and provide an optimal range. This item is recommended if you wish to add another transmitter to your existing system or if a replacement is needed.

When used for guest application this base station is easy to use and comes already programmed out of the box to work with your system. The Transmitter does not include any pagers or charging bases with it.

Call up to 9999 pagers


Transmitter can call up to 9,999 pagers

Mounting Options

Mount on top of any flat (desktop) surface or wall mountable

0.5-Watt Power

Transmitter can provide up to 100m Range- (Range Depends on Pager)

Plug and Play


Easy to set up out of the box. Easy programming options

Program Pagers Functions


Easy to program your existing pagers from the transmitter

Add Unlimited Transmitters


Add as many Transmitters you need to your system is easy

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