Matrix Plus Single Pager

Use custom preloaded messages for a more precise personalization that will meet your business needs. Every pager can display a more detailed and human written message for a great and efficient use, giving your customer a top level experience, and your business the best service.

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The Best Pager For Your Business


The Matrix Plus pager is a simple solution for better crowd control. It’s small but powerful, delivering a clear personalized message to meet all your company’s needs. This pint-sized enclosure is packed with more technology than meets the eye. Our ultra-resistant and super bright alphanumeric display will give your customer better readability in every circumstance. With the option for up to 100 preloaded messages for a more precise custom communication to meet the results you are looking for. Every pager can display a more detailed and human-written message for a great and efficient use, giving your guests a top-level experience and your business the best service for efficiency.

This pager can take it one step further, with the option of PC Integration. The PC Integration is not necessary but is helpful if multiple staff members need to be able to page from multiple locations. By connecting our Transmitter to a PC-Network staff members can easily type and send a message to any pager from any computer on the same network.

Without a doubt the best pager for your business, it’s designed to be used anywhere you want to simplify paging. Astonishingly reliable and surprisingly small these pagers are the best option to get the job done. The wrap-around rubber bumpers give it the compact durability you need to create a great and efficient system that can last. The Matrix Plus pagers are also waterproof IP67 making it easier to page guests from any location.


  •  Easily Expandable
  • Fast Charging
  •  Personalised Alerts
  •  Extra-Long Range
  •  Waterproof IP67

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