Cube Power Station

Cube Power Station

  • Your customers can charge their phone at their table
  • Charge two devices at the same time
  • A great service to your guests
  • Enhance the guest’s experience
  • Drive sales!
  • Plug selection supports most devices including,
  • Apple Lightning, Android smartphones and tablets




This This Cube Power Station also comes with 2 charging cables for each bank: (Total of 24)

– Android Cable

– USB Type C

– Apple Lightning


Cube Power Station



Size of Power Bank

85 x 170 x 24mm

Size of Base Station

240 x 317 x 180mm

Size of Advertisement

29 x 52mm

Power Output (Power Bank)

5V/1.5A x 2

Battery Capacity:






  • Customers don’t have to leave their phones unattended whilst charging.
  • Durable braided usb charging cable.
  • Power capacity of each bank can charge up to 4 iPhones.
  • When customers have fully charged phones they stay in venues longer.
  • Being portable allows customers to move around the premises whilst charging.
  • Stops customers and staff unplugging equipment to get to a power point.
  • Overcharge & short-circuit protection to protect your device.
  • Suitable for: Restaurants, cafes, hotel receptions, bars, clubs and staff room.