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My Pre Order

Commission-free Food and Beverage Online Ordering & Branded Apps

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Designed and built for restaurants just like yours.

Web & App Ordering

Customers can order from any device. All of our plans allow you to sell your food and beverages online via your Web site, Facebook page, Android & iOS apps.

Online Payments

Prepaid orders eliminate no-show risk. And because we have secured a low card transaction fee and don’t take any commission from your sales, you can retain more profit.

POS Integration

Incoming orders can be delivered to your POS, receipt printer, bump screen, tablet, smartphone, pc or laptop. POS integration is available with several popular systems supported.

Ordering Apps





Choose our Standard plan to be listed in the mypreorder marketplace apps, where customers can discover or be directed to your menu.

You’ll receive a variety of free marketing materials to promote your online store to customers and passers-by.





Choose our Professional or Premium plan to have your own brand apps and online ordering pages created. Your brand on the home screen of your customer’s devices!

You can choose to be listed for free in our Marketplace apps as well, where others can discover your menu too.

All the tools for merchants to sell, manage and grow

Simply order, prepay and collect


Allow customers to order for now or later, customise their selection to taste or dietary need, repeat previous orders, pay online, and then swing by to pick up their order.

Home or Office delivery



Allow customers to order for now or later, or to choose an available delivery slot. Manage your delivery options with our advanced features and integration partners.

Reduced contact for in-store orders



Allow your customers to order and pay from their table, and either deliver the order or notify the customer when the order is ready to collect for a contactless trade.

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