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The BTG-88 is a rugged, long-lasting POC radio weighing 268 grams. Features include a large backlit colour LCD display indicating Calling party, Group, Signal strength, Battery level and GPS acquisition. Quick select buttons for Individual call and Group call make the BTG-88 a reliable POC radio for wide area coverage.

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Two Way Radio Batteries


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  • Compact and Lightweight
  • GPS built-in
  • SOS Function button
  • LED Torch
  • Large LCD screen – Colour
  • Drop-in desk charger
  • USB charging
  • Individual Private Call select
  • Group Call select
  • Text Message receive
  • Last Call Name Identified
  • Calling name display
  • Radio Stun
  • Voice recording
  • Track Log recording
  • Geo Fence
  • SOS Zoom to location
  • Loan Worker Timer


POC allows you to communicate over your GSM network for communication with your team wherever they are.


Group Call (One to Many)

  • User can select a pre-programmed group and instigate a group call and talk to all members of the group. Radio can be part of multiple groups and choose the group it belongs to.

Individual Private Call (One to One)

  • User can select an individual radio or the dispatcher and perform a one on one private call outside the group.

Internal GPS engine

  • The internal GPS engine reports its position every 60 seconds to the dispatcher (Programmable). GPS acquisition status is shown on radio LCD display.

Quick select user programmable keys

  • 4 x programmable keys can be set for quick access to individual calls or group calls.

Text Message

  • The dispatch operator can send instant text messages to the radio. All text messages are recorded on the dispatcher.

Radio Stun

  • The dispatch software can stun a radio should the radio be stolen or abused. Radio stun can also be controlled by platform if fleet is not using dispatcher.

USB Charge port

  • The radio can be charged via a micro USB from any 5 volt USB port


BTG-08 POC Press-to-Talk Over Cellular – Radio

POC radios operate on Cellular Networks to provide digital quality communications anywhere in Australia or wherever the SIM card is authorised to operate.

Range issues are a thing of the past as POC radios work wherever they can access their Network. POC radios can eliminate the need for repeaters in tall buildings or extensive properties such as resorts, theme parks, golf courses, mining and construction sites or businesses with multiple locations, whether local or remote. Security fleets can also operate across vast areas. Mobile Fleets can benefit by not having to illegally operate mobile phones while driving, risking fines and demerits.

Dispatcher Software allows radios to be contacted individually or by group. These can be amended instantly by the dispatch operator. Text messages can be sent to some POC radios and GPS allows tracking and event logging. Conversations and tracking can also be recorded for future reference. An App is also available for mobile phones for staff who don’t normally carry a radio handset but need to be in voice contact with the team.

BTG POC radios can also be re-charged with 5V USB connection, so they can be charged in your vehicle or with 5V phone powerbanks. Speaker-microphones and a selection of PTT earpieces provide ease of use while out on the road or in your venue.

POC equals Instant One-to-One or One-to-Many Communications across cellular networks. Expand your communication horizons with Press-to-Talk Over Cellular. POC Rocks!