Connect Pro – Is the market leading Gamming Communications solution avialable. Used by most Casinos and over 85% of the top 100 Clubs, Connect Pro is the best of breed for larger venues with all integrations and multi venue capability.
Connect Lite – Is a scaled down version of Pro which limits its functionality to meet the competitor market and for when additional functionality is not required.
PowerPage is a non PC based simple plug & play push to call product that alerts staff RF Pagers in 1.5 seconds with a basic escalation feature if calls are not answered in time.
Connect attendant DEVICES – These are devices used by staff with simple pagers, Wearable RF Watches, WiFi based and smartphones such as Apple & Android and the latest is the Smart Android Radio that provide the ultimate communication tools
Digital Signage with Service window with an Outabox experience – Is a Digital window interfaced directly to IGT Beverage on demand and or other services to increase the productivity of staff on the gaming floor with promotions, ordering and service for Gaming Floor, BOD, Multilink, Jackpots, Menu boards and Bank ends with all the media management is under one cloud based platform.
Phone charging solutions to enable customers to charge their phones on site rather than leaving. Usually a free service to your customers by BTG .
Incentify – Is a professional Scenting product range & Service model for all areas of the venue to ensure a great ambience. Ideal for Bars, Dinning & Restrooms, Garbage areas and many other areas
Customer Survey & Rating solutions – to capture customers experiences prior to going out to social media and the option to have a staff member resolve the problem before leaving the venue. Ideal for QR tables, Touch kiosk on entry / exit and order points.
Third Party Integrations and Interfaces
Two Way Radios for Staff, Security and operations