1. Australian owned and developed Technology and not just a Distributor for the USA based larger company, like our competitors! We own the IP and develop in-house all within Australia. Profits retained and reinvested back into Australia with BTG employing over 30 Full time employees

2. BTG have majority market share with over 40,000 pagers sold in the Australian market over the past 18 years. BTG also have offices in USA and Distribution in UK, Europe and Asia

3. LIFETIME WARRANTY for the term of your agreement, so no hidden costs, charges or bills. 100% satisfaction that our low monthly fee covers the entire solution

4. Boomerang is yours for 30 Days FREE when you trial our system. If you are completely happy, sign up or simply return the system *

5. The only Voice Pagers which allows you to program your own message onto the pager, rather than just a Beep, Beep. Now you can have “Thanks for choosing our Charlie Bistro, your food order is now ready”

6. Money Back GUARANTEE in 30 Days if not 100% satisfied *

7. Pagers swapped out every 12 month term, or as required, to ensure consistent reliability

8. The only Rental solution to include all Licence Fees (as per ACMA). Don’t get caught owning a system and the risk of a fine for use on an unlicensed system

9. Dropped, Abused, Damaged or lost or missing pagers are covered under the Premium rental

10. All products comply with Australian “C”

11. “Advanced Replacements” and provide spare Pagers and Transmitters on loan at no additional cost, to reduce downtime

12. Service freight is included in our Premium rental

13. Priority Service is exactly that. If you need support or assistance, you are put to the top of the queue

14. BTG understand that many venues operate 24 hours a day and/or late, so we offer 24/7 support

15. We provide an onsite service call to your venue once each 12 monthly term if required at NO CHARGE (Metro Areas only) to resolve issue or offer training and support to our customers

16. LIFETIME WARRANTY for the term of your agreement, so no hidden costs, charges or bills. 100% satisfaction that our low monthly fee covers the entire solution

17. Added DISCOUNTS on other BTG products, such as Replacement Pagers, your next system, Wireless Communications, Two Way Radios, Phones, Digital Signage solutions, Background Music, Charger Stations, etc

18. Many Choices to implement our system by: Purchase a System, Purchase an Ex Demo system, Rent the System with “All Inclusive features”, Rent to OWN option


BTG Guarantee to beat ANY written quote by a further 30% for the same specified pager system, feature for feature.

Our Transparency of offering Pricing on our websites and clearly spelling out the benefits of each of our solutions ensures you don’t get caught paying for something you thought was included.

We have systems for small sites, to large Casino and club sites where reliability is paramount to their operation. Non-working pagers can cost the venue much more than the savings between a great pager system to a cheaper solution.


Fully Managed Premium Warranty

Fully Managed Premium Warranty includes parts & labour for lifetime of the term of the agreement to include dropped, abused, damaged, wear & tear and lost or missing*

(*Conditions apply, please contact us for more information)


Manufactures Warranty

The manufactures warranty includes 3 years parts and labour and it excludes dropped, abused, damaged, wear & tear, lost or missing.


Rent to OWN Warranty

Rent to OWN Warranty includes 3 years parts and labour and it excludes dropped, abused, damaged, wear & tear, lost or missing.


Dropped and Abused, Water damaged and missing pagers are NOT WARRANTY. Many customers return pagers that no longer work, due to the Crystal in the pager is broken from being dropped on a hard floor, to receive a bill for $99.00 to replace it


BTG Platinum Rental includes ALL Abuses, Dropped, Water damaged and LOST Pagers in the Rental agreement (Refer to T&C)


ACMA Licence Fees are the responsibility of the end user for the use of a Paging Transmitter and application Fees of around $540.00 and yearly subscriptions fees of $170.00 for CBD are payable


BTG Platinum Rental customers, we cover any Fees payable to ACMA and you don’t have to worry about being fined up to $5,000.00. For more info on ACMA and Licence Fees, go to www.acma.gov.au


BTG will offer a FULL 30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and if not 100% satisfied, return the system


Our competitors rarely offer this are more interested in selling you a system and getting your money! We know of customers who have purchased from a competitor and were unable to get their money back. Don’t risk it, rent a system for BTG and take advantage of our free 30 days trial and money-back guarantee


Product Description:

We take the time to fully charge our pagers before we ship them out to you. Our pager system will be ready to use as soon as you receive it. Once you receive the pagers, it will take only minutes to train your employees on how to use the system. With thousands of satisfied customers it is no wonder why more and more people are paging with BTG.


Eliminates noisy overhead paging

Eliminates walkaway and lost revenues

Reduce Labour by not needing additional Staff to run food to Tables

Maintains a quiet and pleasant atmosphere

Ability to send a custom Voice message rather than a beep

Out of Range features alert you if pager goes too far away from Transmitter

Faster turnaround of services

Faster service means fewer complaints

Increases productivity

Reduces labour costs

Increases bottom line and increases PROFITS!

Track waiting times and escalate to Manager if customer has waited too long (using queue)

Up to 2 Klm Transmitter Line of Sight RANGE

Two Year manufacturer’s Warranty

LIFETIME WARRANTY for Platinum Rentals

Reliable Paging Technology using RF & Wi-Fi

Easy Installation, Plug & Play for most systems

Stack and Charge Design or In & Out Charging

Over-The-Air Programming to change features, alerts and numbering

Auto Locate Feature

Four Alert Types: LED, Audible, Customer Voice & Vibrate

Tough, Durable, Waterproof & Dust Proof Casing with IP54 Rating

Expandable up to 999 pagers