How many pagers will you need?

You will need to cover the number of tables + Take away + 10% float

Eg I have -10 tables plus at peak time there maybe 5 take away + 2 safety = 17pagers Recommend 20pager set


What is the distance the pagers will need to cover?

Estimate the distance from the transmitter location to the further waiting area


How long will pagers last?

Pagers are robust and can handle rough treatment but they are like mobile phones and batteries slowdown over time and if they are continuously treated poorly this can cause faults


How many order/pick up points are there?

Eg I may order from 1 point but need to pick up from the bar and from the kitchen. This will require 2 transmitters


What ambiance is in your location?

Do you need the pager loud and vibrating or will a simple flash be best for you


Do you need to brand or advertise promotions on the pagers?

Yes, you can add your own branding or current promotional message to the pager