• 1998

    Jtech Australia Pty Ltd formed as exclusive Distributor for USA leading supplier of in house paging solutions Jtech Inc

  • 2000

    Wavelink Distribution begins with offering DECT Cordless phones to its current customer base - Jtech signs deal for 40 x Lone Star Restaurants to supply Guest Paging solutions across Australia

  • 2001

    Development begins for Genesis Paging Software to be developed to offer choice and more features than the current product offering - Genesis Launched to market with over 220 x sites installed to Hotels, Clubs and Casinos across Australia.

  • 2002

    Call Systems Technology (CST UK) becomes our Distributor for Europe

  • 2003

    Jtech now Australia’s largest on site Paging provider to the Hospitality market with over 2,000 active customers - Jtech appointed exclusive distributor for Kirisun Two Way Radios for Australia and NZ - Jtech signs long term contract with Chemist Warehouse to supply 360 x Pharmacy stores around Australia

  • 2005

    Micros acquires Jtech, Boomerang Paging products launched and manufactured by BTG and distributed globally

  • 2006

    Blufi Wireless Purchases Norwood Systems Pty Ltd, a leading Bluetooth developer for multi-cell wireless headset deployments

  • 2007

    Amerisafe Inc becomes exclusive Distributor for Boomerang for North American markets - Jtech Australia Pty Ltd Purchases AEC Paging systems in South Australia with strong links in Healthcare and Hospital paging markets - Blufi appointed Exclusive Distributor for Indyme Retail Call button technology

  • 2008

    Blufi Wireless purchases ICONS Digital Signage Company to offer Digital signage solutions

  • 2010

    BluFi Wireless purchases Emstream Music Pty Ltd to form Playcom Music & Digital Pty Ltd offering a diverse range of Background Music and Digital Signage

  • 2011

    BTG acquires Amerisafe and starts Blufi USA Inc as our USA Based Company.

  • 2012

    BTG acquires Questek- Australia’s leading Aged Care paging system manufacturer with 800 sites across Australia - BTG becomes Exclusive Distributor for Kidigi Phone Charger Solutions - Blufi signs contracts to supply Masters Home hardware stores with 78 sites over 5 years with Indyme Call button technology BTG revenues reach $30 million

  • 2013

    BTG divests Questek to public - listed Hills Health group. - Blufi signs contracts with Super Retail Group to supply RCS products over a 5 year plan - BTG introduces iFlex Chef & iFlex Q Tablet - based Communication solutions to market

  • 2014

    BTG acquires a 50% share in Pager Call Systems - (PCS UK)

  • 2015

    BTG invests in UWB by forming an alliance with Open RTLS in Netherlands for developing UWB Technology for Health & Hospitality markets

  • 2016

    PCS UK appoint Discover Systems - Denmark as Exclusive European Distributor for Boomerang Paging products - BTG signs $225K contracts for Scalabrini Aged Care to supply UWB Tracking solution for Staff, Patients and Asset tracking in real-time

  • 2017

    BTG Becomes exclusive Distributor for TPL Two Way Paging products for Hospitality and Retail markets - BTG launches the Smart1 - Dual DECT & Wi Fi Phone at Australian Gaming Exhibition 2017