Table Loc8 Mesh

LOC8 Mesh tracks the Flag, not the Table. Know your customers location at anytime, inside or out. Saves time locating guests and ensures delivery of your meals are hot to reduce complimentary meals and increases customer service levels.

Used Bluetooth Flags that requires no attachment to the table and can operate in Zonal or Table location with 1 x 1 metre accuracy. Installation is simple as no cabling in ceilings is required and install time is significantly less that other solutions. Table flag batteries are designed to last up to 4 years!


Product Overview

  • Table Loc8 Mesh is our Real Time Location Tracking guest pager system which allows staff to locate and deliver the guests meal/order wherever they are in the venue.
  • The Pager Location is tracked in ‘real time’ throughout the venue and shown on a Smart Tablet available to staff.
  • With the Table Loc8 Mesh guests are free to move about the venue and staff can always find them


How It Works

Each Table Loc8 Mesh device contains a tag which has a unique signal. Using a series of anchors within a venue to triangulate the signal, the Table Loc8 Mesh device is constantly visible in real time.
As customers move around the venue with their Table Loc8 Mesh device, staff can see their location and when the meal or drink is ready, deliver their order directly to them.


Table Loc8 Mesh Allows Customers To:

  • Move around the venue knowing staff will find them with their order
  • Have the convenience of changing tables without losing their order
  • Enjoy the venue without having to go back to the cashier to pick up the order


Table Loc8 Mesh Allows Staff To:

  • Find customers quickly
  • Deliver hot meals while they’re still hot
  • Deliver cold drinks while they’re still cold
  • Spend less time walking the floor looking for customers