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  1. Support the expansion of 998 pagers. As your business gets better and better, you may need more pagers
  2. Using frequency modulation technology, strong anti-interference ability, call distance up to about 800 meters
  3. The pager has ultra-low power consumption, built-in 360 mA battery, and standby time up to about 30 hours
  4. The pager is equipped with a cancel call button, which is convenient for customers to use.
  5. With three reminding modes: vibration, ringing, and flashing.

BTG R20 AIO guest paging system is a new arrival long range pager system in 2021, it adopts FM technology. Easy to use and operate, all the 20 pagers are programmed, plug and play. With a BTG R20 AIO , your staff can instantly notify guests with a flash, vibration or beep pager when their turn. Easily stay in contact with customers and increase revenue as guests enjoy the freedom to visit the bar or nearby areas while they wait

Easy to Add Guest Pagers
BTG R20 AIO Pagers have LED digital numbers, you could add up to 998 pagers or change the pagers number easily without returning it back. The paging system can grow in size as your business grows. Save money instead of always buy a new set pager system.

2 Alert Types of Pagers
Alert guests with vibration, light, beeps or vibration and light, easily grab the attention of your guests with the multiple alerts that they will not miss. The vibration is strong enough for customers who put the guest pagers in their pocket.

Long Range Pager System
BTG R20 AIO paging system adopts FM technology, range up to 800m in a line of sight. Wherever customers are waiting can always keep you connected, the long range pager system let customers know that they are needed instantly

Space-saving Stack Charger Pager System
BTG R20 AIO can charge all 20 pagers in about 4 hours, then last for about 20 hours

Guests Can Stop the Alert with Guest Pager
The default alert time is 30 seconds, there is a cancel button on the guest pager, guest can stop the alert once they received the call.

Larger Pager Size and Durable
The pagers are made with high-quality materials that make them much more durable to accidental drops and falls. 100*96*26mm large pager size to reduce the probability of loss.

Guest Pagers with Low Battery and Fully Charged Reminder
When the battery is low, there is Lo iron on the LED digital number space, charge it in time instead of taking it out by customers to miss the call. When the restaurant pager is fully charged, the indicator light becomes to always light up from flashes of charging mode.

Restaurant Pager with Automatic Monitoring Function
When the staff pick up a pager and pass it to customers, the pager will beep or vibrate in a moment to make sure the customer will get a normal work pager.

Paging System with Call History
BTG R20 AIO allows you to check 10 calling records, easily to find out which customers you have called and them again in a fast way if the order has not been taken.

In addition to the above features of the BTG R20 AIO , there’s enough space that branded to promote your business. You could also set the keypad transmitter working mode to mute. And after a day of busy working, the staff just need to put all the pagers on the charging base, then press 999 and Call button to power off all pagers, then unplug the charging base from the power source will be OK.

Coaster Pager 
Operating VoltageDC 3.7V (Rechargeable battery)
Standby Duration≈20Hour
Receiving sensitivity-115dBm
Battery capacity300mAh
Prompt ModeVibration/Buzzer/Flashing
Prompt Time30s
Weight80g/2.82 oz
Keyboard Transmitter
Input PowerDC12V/2A
Max number of pagers998
Number of charging pagers10pcs*2

Important: Please note that all “On Premise Paging Systems” may require On-site Licencing and/or operational licence fees. It is the responsibility for the end user to obtain them. Please visit for more information.

*BTG will offer a comparable paging system at 30% reduction on legitimate quotes.