Two Way Radio Earpieces With PTT Mic

BTG recommends the use of earpieces with the two way radios that we supply for a number of reasons.

* Discretion – radio noise can be very intrusive to the guest experience
* Privacy – customers do not need to hear business communications
* Immediacy – radio users can always hear broadcasts and recognise whether the message is for them without having to remove the radio from a belt or pocket
* Damage Limitation – radios suffer most damage from being dropped when being removed from belts or pockets to be used. Earpieces minimize the necessity for this, hence protecting your investment and the integrity of your radio fleet

BTG stock a range of earpieces, all with PTT or Press-To-Talk microphones which clip to collars or sleeves for ease of communication. There are two main types of earpiece, those that sit against the ear and those that fit in the ear. Preference is up to the user and is dependent on comfort and fit. Most earpiece styles can be matched with every radio we stock and all can be worn in either ear. Other headset options are available such as those with boom microphones, earmuff styles as well as remote Please enquire if the following options don’t match your needs.

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